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# 1 01-09-2005 , 02:57 PM

Converting nurbs to polygons

OK, lets get right down to buisness.

So, I have been trying to convert nurbs to polygons for the past hour and nothing has worked that I know about. I am doing the Low Poly Game Character tutorial.l I have gotten up to the point where you convert nurs to polys and this is what it says: Error: NURBS to Polygons: Shell tessellation failed. Open Script Editor for details.

I have also looked in the script editor, but it means nothing to me...

Ok thank you,

PS: when I go into the option box it says use control points and I do that and thats when it happens. If you needed to know that...

Oh and this is what it says in the scrip editor:

nurbsToPoly -mnd 1  -ch 1 -f 3 -pt 0 -pc 200 -chr 0.1 -ft 0.01 -mel 0.001 -d 0.1 -ut 1 -un 3 -vt 1 -vn 3 -uch 0 -ucr 0 -cht 0.2 -es 0 -ntr 0 -uss 1 "nurbsSphere1";
// Result: nurbsToPoly1 nurbsTessellate1 //
// Error: NURBS to Polygons: Shell tessellation failed. Open Script Editor for details

# 2 02-09-2005 , 09:42 PM
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I must admit I never had this problem!
Try by deleting history,check surface ,rebuild suface,check surface attributes,try with "count" checkbox and adjust number of faces...

If that wont work...send the model if its not a problem I would love to solve it.

Good luck!

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