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Modeling Instruction Source?

I bought Gnomxx DVDs on Maya modeling and I bought Alias DVDs on modeling. I viewed both many times but still don't feel like I have a handle on modeling. They both don't cover many of the modeling tools. They just kind of hit the high points.

Is there any DVDs or books that will cover Maya modeling more completely? The only thing I have left at the present is my PLE html help manual. It does not show you how to model, it only tells you what each tool does.(kind of).

Since I don't really know how to model yet, I just start at it and pretty soon Maya starts giving me those ugly red warning, saying "I'm not going to let you use that tool." And I have to stop working, not really knowing what to do next. That's why I need a good book on the subject of Maya NURBS and POLY modeling.


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What tools are you having trouble understanding? Also how long have you been trying to learn how to model?

Maya fundamentals from what i hear is a good book.

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Why not try the Simply Maya organic modelling DVD right here. Id sure recommend it.

SM also have a ton of videos to d/l.

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Me too. That dvd is awsome.

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