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# 1 31-08-2004 , 01:13 PM
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Renders have soft edges

I was working on a bottle with label and I noticed the text looked soft in render view. Then I started looking at other renders, and I noticed they all looked rather soft focus. I am hitting the 1to1 button, so I know it’s not a render view problem.

Is this soft render normal for Maya renders? When you save it to tiff does it get any sharper, or do you have to go into Photoshop to sharpen the image. The reason I am asking is, I have looked at many gallery images that looked crisp with sharp edges, yet everything I produce in Maya looks soft.


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In your anti-alias settings, turn off Use Multi Pixel Filter

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Thanks for the tip. It made the image much sharper, but I did start getting some jaggies. I found that leaving it ON with the Gaussian Filter seems to work best for me. A friend in another forum suggested I export into photoshop and reduce size. I have not tired it yet, but it would probably work.


I will have to buy your book when it comes out. Your book is probably about rendering in real-time graphics, which is fine, but I am working toward a AG with pre-rendered graphics. Still want your book though.


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