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# 1 27-09-2004 , 02:35 PM
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Render View save

I was running some tests this morning and they were all being stacked in Render View. After I shut down the program and restarted it, they were all gone.

Is there some way to make Maya keep the images in Render view, without having to name and save each one?


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i just under stand what you meant in question and my answer doesnt help lol :p :p

yer i think this keeps it even if you close it down im not quite sure lol
anyway you click the little button with the arrow pointing "into" the boxy thing user added image to temp save into maya and when you next load the render view it will still be there.
Sorry for the rushed answer but im on my way out hope you understand lol

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# 3 27-09-2004 , 03:36 PM
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I did use the Arrow, but all my test renders were gone when I went back to work on the project (hour later) and restarted the maya program. The storage seems to be temp.


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