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Trouble with Scale Tool

Hey all, a friend of mine asked me a really strange question the other day... he said that he couldn't scale objects in one axis. So I told him to use the boxes at the end of each axis when using the scale tool. He wrote back with this:

"there are no red green or blue box at the end of each axis. All there is is a yellow box in the center. I think its some kind of prefrence setting on the tool, but i dont know how i changed it. When i first had the program it worked fine, but now, its all wacked out. "

How could that happen? I looked around for a little bit and couldn't find any settings that might do that. So I was going to suggest deleting the preferences... however, Im not sure WHICH prefs to delete (lots of .mel files in the pref folder) do you just delete them all? the whole folder?

anyway, thanks in advance.


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