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Curve into Object - Can it be done? And in 3D??

Anyone know if it's possible to convert a curve, such as one drawn with the Pencil Curve tool, into an object so that it could be animated, etc???

Also, any thought on how, if possible, can a curve can be drawn in 3D space, as they normally can only be drawn in the orthographic views, and thus turn out flat? Is there any trick that would allow you to draw them in the perspective view?user added image

user added image

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you can draw curves in any view you want but, they best done in orthographic ones.. you if you found a nice angle that you want to draw a curve in the perspective.. you can make the perspective orthographic by selectin' your perspective camera, or any free camera and pop up the attribute editor.. then slide down to Orthographic Views and tick the Orthographic option box..
now your perspective camera is a orthographic one, untick to unmake orthographic view.. :p

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There's a Maya 4 plugin called bevelPlus for Irix and NT that can transform 2d curves into 3d geometry. If that's what you are looking for.

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Yeah, that BevelPlus is really nice to have, nothing you can't do without it, but much quicker and easier. If you have Maya 4.5, it's built in already user added image


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I don't....yet.

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