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# 1 01-03-2005 , 07:32 AM
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surface emission particles inheriting texture


i'm trying to emit particles from a nurbs object and have the particles inheriting the object's texture. I read the help file (and the earlier posting) but there are 2 things i don't understand (and can't get to work):

1) my Inherit particle colour option (under Emitter>Texture Emission attrubutes) is grayed out so i can't select it. I've already applied a texture to it.

2) if rgbPP is created to control the particles' colour, that means you can only use hardware particles correct? (unless you use a particle sampler utility). I tried it with both hard and software particles but nothing seems to work...

please help!


# 2 08-03-2005 , 11:17 PM
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any suggestions at all?

been tryin... still can't get it to work

# 3 13-03-2005 , 11:39 PM
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This might be late but try this:

Under Emitter>Texture Emission attributes, middel mouse-drag the texture node (from hypershade or multilister) onto the Particle Color swatch. That will enable the check box so you can check it. Then add rgbPP to the particle color.

Hope that helps.

# 4 14-03-2005 , 12:55 AM
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hi sdch1000,

that's what i did before but the Inherit option is still grayed out.

still can't solve it... is there anything else i might be missing?

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