Maya for 3D Printing - Rapid Prototyping
In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
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Last post date

If you noticed, the "last post by" colomn not only contains the name of the last person who posted, but the date and time they posted. The date, a few days ago, was all numerical, but now it says Sun, Mon, Tues, etc. This confuses me because it does not let the reader know the exact date someone post on. If I see that Roman posted on Oct, Sun, 2002 and Darkon posted on Oct, Sun 2002, I do not know who really posted last. There are four Sundays in a month, either one of them could have posted on a different Sunday. I usually look for the most recent posts and this does not help much. I know there is the "view unread posts" link, but I don't like to click a lot and that list dissapears once you view it once.

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There you go day-month-year in numerical format user added image

From a readers' Q and A column in TV GUIDE: "If we get involved in a nuclear war, would the electromagnetic pulses from exploding bombs damage my videotapes?"
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Why thank you! I didn't expect such a quick change. THANKYOU THANKYOU!

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Hmmm. SimplyMaya could have a Maya Library on it. You click a letter and it takes you to a list of things in Maya that start with that letter. Then you select a word and it tells you all about whatever you clicked. Then, there could be a massive, permanent Q and A section. You could get generous people on the site to write all the stuff out and experiment with everything. Like I would take on the section Create>Polygons>Sphere <box>. I would tell about what all the features in that window do. This would take up a lot of space and time, though. Don't know if it's worth it. It would sure boost everyone's knowledge quickly though. lol.
10 minuttes after I posted this I realized that Maya already has a library installed in it. What we could do is take what we know and turn it into a question. Like this...

Create>Polygon Primitives>Sphere<box>
By the looks of it, I can do several things from this window.
1. Change the radius.
2. Insert however many subdivisions I want the sphere to be created with along or around the surface.
3. Decide if it should be created with poles facing along the X, Y, or Z axis.
4. And finally I can conclude just by looking at the window that it is possible for me to create the cube with UV's so I can texture it, or create the cube without UV's.

SO, I would then concert this information into questions starting with "How do I..."

1. How do I create a sphere with a specified size? (Note that I would not say How do I change the size of a sphere because in this particular window we are not changing the size, we are creating a sphere with a size)

2. How do create a sphere with a specified amount of subdivisions?

3. How do I create a sphere that lies along the <X, Y, or Z> axis?

4. How do I create a sphere that can be textured?
4. How do I create a sphere that has UV's?

This process would be done for every section of Maya. Like I said, it might just be a waste of space.

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