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Motion Blur in Post ? Possibly using Production Shaders ?

Hi 2 all

I am getting my animation ready to render, I have split it into render layers for compositing.

NOW hear is the problem I want to create Motion Blur in post,

that means setting up a render layer which uses a layer overide which uses Mayas oftware and 2D motion vectors enabled.

When I do a test render the render takes hours and I abort it because it isn't complete.

My scene has 2 objects a shark which is subdivided at render time with a displacement map and an ocean plane which is also displaced.

Now I have heard about the Production Shaders for mental ray which can production motion blur in post.

But I am not sure how to set these up ! and also How to test the results to see if they create motion blur !

If anybody has any ideas or help on this that would be great


Andy Gee

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I'm not sure I'm getting what your after, if you are going to apply motion blur in post then what do you need from the mental ray shaders within maya?


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The mip Mental Ray Production shader library in MR3.6 is "hidden" from the shader list at the moment for users of Maya 2008 as they havn't passed Quality Assurance from Autodesk as of yet.

Out of that hidden library, the 2 production MR shaders that "MAY" help your situation are called:
mip_motionblur and mip_motion_vector.

Keep in mind, however, that as they are hidden, that also means they are not supported as of yet, and there is no documentation for them yet eitheruser added image

Here is a link to Master Zap's Blog that explains this issue in more detail as well as ways to access themuser added image
OOPS forgot the link:


Otherwise, to blur in post you have 2 options:

1. render your layers keeping motion vector data.

-or the more common way-

2. Apply post mBlur to your loader/layer using a plugin that supports Optical Flow.

I'm not sure what compositor you are going to use so I cannot specify what to do in it.

However the most popular plugin for this is called

-ReelSmart Motion Blur (round $189 US node-locked)

Other apps have similar tools to achieve 3d motion blur in post such as:
-PFBlur for PFTrack ($330us)
-Boris Continuum Complete Sparks - has 2 included.
-Furnace also has the Kronos optical flow plugin.

Israel "Izzy" Long
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