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Adding motion blur in post


I am rendering some paint FX vegetation and its corresponding shadows in a separate pass which I will later composite onto a background plate. The paint FX vegetation pass works fine until I try to add motion blur to it:

The first image is of the paint FX without motion blur. The second is of the paint FX with 2D motion blur. The blur makes it seem as if a new light source has appearead on the left. This is most noticeable on the clump of vegetation on the left side of the island. The third image uses 3D motion blur, which I have never under any circumstances been able to get to work properly.

So it looks like I'm going to have to add the motion blur in post. Does anyone know how to add motion blur in post? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

PS. the paint FX and shadows were rendered against a black background. They are shown against a white background only for clarity.

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i've never done it but you need to export the "motion vectors" from maya as a separate file. Then use shake or AE to reapply them. Try searching for motin vectors on google

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