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frog render problem

ok, I tried to render my frog and it's the first time I do texturing.....(newbie)..and i have two questions

1. how can i change my renderbackground...kurt has his backgroung grey, mine is just black

2. my frog is really green, but it looks odd white in my render view...why?

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Post a pic up ...

For the back ground color... select view just above your view port then select camera > hit control A, for the options that pop up on the right> scroll down find enviroment then just select the color you want.

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Thanks...found the environment settings....far better with a grey background!

But I found out, that my other frog problem had to do with my lights...the lights where in the wrong spot and too it's far better.....only two rather white spots remained....

Thanks again! And by the way, it's really fun to make the frog....and the mech, I'm doing also right now....great work! I'm learning a lot (far more than with my books) and I will recommend this site further...

Suggestions and comments on my work here are greatly appreciated, as I said, I just started maya a few weeks ago and I am very thankful for any input.....

And I have another question...when I render my seams to be sort of can see it in the pic at the legs that he is almost transparent...why? Is there a setting I have to turn off? (I used a bling as a texture node, just as kurt in the tut.....)

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