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# 1 04-06-2005 , 12:12 AM
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uv map doesnt resemble model at all

Ive watch the door testuring tutorial and i understand it and all, but when i make a model from a cube and open it in the uv texture editor, see the image below.

basicly all its doing is giving me the 6 faces of the original cube, with a few extra random lines.

could someone please explain to me how you would get the uv map to resemble the model. The one in the door tutorial was all neat and easy to understand, but i have no idea how the author got it like that.


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AHHH, I remember when I encountered this problem. Basically, what you have to do is something called mapping. Since your UVs are actual cordinates, you need to organize them into something you can see. I highly recomend mckenly's other texturing tutorial. (on his .net site). It goes through basic planar mapping, and it gives alot more detail than anyone could in just text. It really is quite simple, its just hard to make it look good (texturing that is).

Here is the link to his website.

Edit: You will need some sort of .rar uncompressor. And it is under his tutorials -> modeling -> polygon texturing section.

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ok, thanks for the reply, ill take a look at that tutorial

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