Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 1
This course will look at the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. We'll look at what makes a good model in Maya and why objects are modeled in the way they are.
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UV sets - need help!

Ok - I have all of my uvs for my character layed out.
They all show up in the UV editor when I select my character.
I want to make three seperate files for the character- face, hair, & body.
How do I make three seperate snapshots if they are all laid out in one texture window?
I tried making uv sets, but when I take the uvs for say the face and make a uv set, I lose the rest of the uvs. I have tried changing back to the old uv set, but I still dont have my uvs.

Help! - I am stuck in this spot until I find out what to do next.

# 2 04-08-2005 , 10:24 AM
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Select just the face (select all the polys in the face, and seperate these from the body), and only the face uvs will appear in the uv editor. Take a snapshot and you have the face uvs in a file which you can then open up and paint on. Do the same with the other parts, the snapshots will be different files. You need to apply separate shaders to the face, body and hair, and you can load your texture files into each one.

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