Digital humans the art of the digital double
Ever wanted to know how digital doubles are created in the movie industry? This course will give you an insight into how it's done.
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Open Source Film Production


This post is sort of put forth to test the waters with the idea stated in the subject - "Open Source Film Production".

A colleague and I are attempting to start a 3D film production comapany based completely on the Open Source model harnessed by the Internet. In our sense of use, Open Source wold mean that multiple artists world wide would have direct design input for each film.

The skills that my colleague and I have prevent us from fully reaching our goal of producing a feature length 3D animated film so we've decided to open our doors and form this Open Source community with hopes of seeing our writings and sketches develop into something spectacular.

At the moment we have 1 complete feature length script completed and the second is almost complete. Concept art has been started for the first script.

I'd be interested in hearing everyone's feedback about this topic. From what we have seen, nothing on the scale of what we're attempting has been done in the forum that we're doing it in.

If you're interested in finding out more you can hop on over to and find out about what we're doing.

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