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Please help, problem with converting to subdiv

hello everyone
I downloaded the ninja modeling tutorial and I am stuck with a problem. after making the half face neck and ear I combined the neck with the face and joint the vertices and the face perfectly converted to SubD. but when I combine the ear to the face and joining the vertices I get an error that it can not convert to subd because the object needs cleanup. I do that but still it is not working. would anyone please help me

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I cant say I've ever had this problem before... but my guess would be, there's an opening or something (in other words you missed something in the clean up phase). Just have another run at it and look for anything you forgot.

# 3 10-11-2005 , 03:41 PM
After you cleanup, it should highlight problematic areas. From my experiences, it's because there are faces (hence vertices) that have one or more sides that aren't attached to the surrounding areas.

This can also occur if you have more than one face on top of each other (e.g. forgot to delete a face before mirroring leaving the mirrord model to overlap with the original).

To fix it, merge and/or delete the necessary polygons to make it seamless.

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