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Making 3d objects viewable from own website?

Is it possible to take a 3d object with baked textures/lighting and make it viewable to the public from your own website?
so that they can pan/zoom/translate the cam position to view the object for example 'a house' from any angle.

Is there a decent program i can link to my site for people to download a viewer from, and then have them comeback to my site click 'my object' link and voila it loads into their viewer??

I tried one type of viewer for obj files, but i had to upload and have it viewed from their site not mine user added image

Or am i going about it all wrong? should i be looking at flash or macromedia instead?

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You would probably do something like that either in Macromedia Flash or Director (shockwave).

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There is a Web Plugin for a Browser that will allow you to view Autocad, UniGraphics, Catia files etc, but its worth VERY BIG bucks. I can find out the details if you still want? I just need to call a mate and ask him about it.


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Oh well, looks like i'll have to look into the flash alternative then cos i ain't got big bucks at the mo, i was hoping to make a 3d gallery of images and sculptures for people to view at my site, i think i'm biting off a bit more than i can chew though user added image

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