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Advice on making a website...

I plan to make a web site in the future using a design i'm currently using for a Director movie in a college assignment.

I pretty good in Director, but are web sites genrally made in it.

I know a bit about Flash (it seems to be similar to Director), but i'll have to learn more if it's better to use.

rage, you seen to know alot about this subject, so maybe some advice user added image

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Rage can also help ya out.. he probably would know a lot more about director and flash than i.. but all i can say is that make sure the website is easy to read, and simple to navigate user added image. If you need to take a image file and you need to cut it up for the web... photoshop is your best bet. Hope this helped a bit user added image.. cya.

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Director can be used but usually isn't unless you're putting up a shockwave application, whether it be a game, multimedia player, chat, or whatever. Flash would be a better route if you need animation due to the smaller file ....really just depends what you need on the site. I built a chat app in Director and used that on my site for awhile but ended up taking it down because I couldn't quite customize it the way I mediocre lingo skills, I'm afraid. Figure out what you need on the site and go from there. Flash is very robust now as far as dynamically loading files and whatnot...takes a bit of actionscripting know-how but worth it.

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the only thing I can say is : KISS!

Let me know if you don't know what that means. user added image

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Mike: Tell Me....PLEEEEEAAASSE user added image

The site is really just a online portfolio, i wont be doing anything yet as i need more experiance with Flash and 3D in general. But i do have a design...

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Heehee user added image

K.I.S.S. => Keep It Simple Stupid

Very good advice.

- Matt
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Cant get much more simple than my website muhahahahahaha

I'll be getting a new one in a few months:banana:

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Sure, I guess I could give you some advice...

I've been doing web/graphic design and usability for a living for about 7 or 8 years, but I am NOT by any means an expert.
So, take my advice as you willuser added image

<rage takes a deep breath> hehe...

Mike hit it on the head with the KISS ideology.
The essence of usablity is not having to worry about where you came from, where you are, and how you are going to get away from what you've gotten yourself into.

So basicly, don't bite off more than you can chew.

If your goal is simply a gallery for your imagery, don't over design your GUI so much that you lose sight of what you set out to create.

It's like making a demo reel.
Say you are a killer animator, but you suck at shading and lighting.
Obviously you woudn't want your horrible textures and bad lighting to be the first impression people get when they pop in your tape.....

.....or see when they go to your online portfoliouser added image

If you are VERY conserned with the LOOK of your site design, then I HIGHLY suggest that you study this:

However, if your only goal is simply an area to show off your experiments, then, like Mike said K.I.S.S.

And you all thought that the song, "I wanna be like Mike" was about Micheal Jordan.... hehe...

I hope this did not sound mean?
That wasn't my intention.

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Good advice ragecgi user added image. Yea, i have been working with graphic design for around half as long as you.. and i can say the same, i am definately not a expert.. some people out there can truly do amazing things user added image. As for the KISS theory... I agree when it comes to colors and navigation, but for the graphics themselfs.. i think a graphical layout is much better if done right, then a website with no images, or little. Also, if your going to do flash, you HAVE to do it right.. like <ragecgi's site.. duh, is perfect for what you need with flash.... but i have seen flash sites that the creator thinks is "cool".. but its just soo badly done, with images that you can plainly see have been cut out of others and rotates and the graphics made within flash... blah, it brings tears to my eyes. Anyways, yea.. flash (for myself).. is super hard to learn to the point when you can do it RIGHT.. and thats why i do not use it user added image. Alright, cya.

BTW, kurt... when did you get the new avatar.. and any point behind it? You make it?... Just wondering.

"I should call you sugar maple tree cause i'd totally tap that" haha

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