Maya 2020 fundamentals - modelling the real world
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# 1 12-04-2006 , 07:56 PM
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i haven't done anything for a long time due to university problems lol. so i thought i might do an outside scene.
first time i've done anything like this but i thought it might be fun.
its based on the stereotypical american house and what comes out of my head lol
i have know idea how to light this realistically so any help would be much appreciatted.for now i use the clay render just to see if it looks ok.

C&Cs are very welcome.

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# 2 12-04-2006 , 08:44 PM
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looks good. although the stereotypical american house that I grew up in had more of a roof over the whole thing. I'm just messin with you. It looks like a really good start. naturally needs some sttention in certain areas which I'm sure your well aware of and will address when you go to add more parts. a little hard to actually critique it right now until you actually have more of the house. But it looks like a really good start. I can't wait to see the result.

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# 3 12-04-2006 , 08:46 PM
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Its a good start, as Brentley Davis has stated already, do some more as its not all there right now.

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# 4 13-04-2006 , 09:05 AM
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cheers thanks for the nice comments.
i dont think im gonna do the entire house just this portion but i can see how it goes, it will have a roof a bit strange if it

# 5 15-04-2006 , 05:10 PM
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how about some updates spakooggie

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# 6 15-04-2006 , 07:21 PM
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nice start - haven't done anything like this, so I'll be keeping an eye on this one.
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# 7 16-04-2006 , 02:59 PM
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sorry for the lack of updates been busy with uni stuff.and my computer went mad on me so i had to sort it out lol.
should have some more updates 2nyt.

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