Beer glass scene creation
This course contains a little bit of everything with modeling, UVing, texturing and dynamics in Maya, as well as compositing multilayered EXR's in Photoshop.
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Mar/Apr Final NORMAL Entries!

Post your finals here! Only final entries, please. If you'd like to comment on them, please do so at their original thread.

Final entries that are attached to the forum should be no larger than 640x480. If you'd like to post larger images, please link to them from your own hosting. Feel free to post wires, texture maps, etc and describe your entry. If you have an animation or sequence of images describing your robot's transformation, feel free to post them as well. Preferably with videos, host them elsewhere to avoid having to compress them too much to fit in an attachment. Make sure you link to any codecs that you are using if possible.

Only images posted in the final entry threads will be considered up for the final judging.


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OK, here's my entry. Segratron. He's a mean little guy. He's all NURB's apart from the 10 fingers which are polys. There are two attached movie links to a 18 second movie showing the transformation, and a high res version of the entry (it's much nicer). Fun project all round. Good luck everyone.

High res version of entry:

First movie (19MB file, with codecs that run on a regular windows media player or quicktime player, takes about 2 minutes to download from the link)

Second movie (2MB file, with DivX codecs which run on a DivX player, the same as what this website uses for it's video tutorials, and takes about 20 seconds to download from the link. This movie is heavily compressed, and the quality suffers greatly, so if possible please take the time to view the high-res version.)

Attached Thumbnails
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well, time has definately beaten me this time so here's just some bits of where I got to.

First the bot:

and a larger one:

a viewport grab and a wires view:

then the (very) unfinished flying junk ship:

and finally a playblast of how the transformation occurs. Sorry about the speed, I didnt realise you couldn't set a final speed in the playblast after you have created an animation:

Examples of bTraffic - a traffic animation tool for Maya
bFlocking - a tool for Maya 8.5+ to generate flocking and swarming behaviours
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Well after some serious hard work this morning i have managed to get my Project finished.
Unfortunately the render for the animation would of sent me over the time limit.
So ill br presenting it like this. Been a great competition thx to everyone for ure lovely comments following my work
Good luck to all!!!
(please view all the pics as without the animation i feel this many pics r needed thx guys)

High Res
Finished Peice. The Dodge Tronic V2

High res
Bike pose 1

High res
Bike pose 2

High res
Close up

High res
Robot Transformed

High Res
Robot transformed 2

Attached Thumbnails

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