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# 1 14-05-2006 , 08:35 AM
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View Tumbling not working!

Hi all..
This is my first message in the forum.. I really hope i can find an answer for my question here user added image
I am a student and i am taking principles of 3D animation this semester. I have tried to download Maya 7 on my laptop.. Everything works fine except for the "view tumble" which is Alt+left mouse!!! I don't know why this is happening..
I then tried downloading it on a friend's computer using the same prefs and Maya was working just fine!!!

I really need to get Maya 7 working on my laptop as soon as possible.. so if anyone had this problem before and knew the answer: can you pleaaaaaaaase help me??user added image

Thank you very much!!

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try going inot my documents, find your maya folder and locate the prefs folder within. dont delete it but ad a 2 at the end of its name. restart maya and it will ask you if you want new prefs created say yes. see if this helps.

another thing is to make sure you dont have any mouse keyboard driver conflicts.

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# 3 15-05-2006 , 06:28 AM
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Thanks..BUT, it's still not working! any other suggestions?

# 4 28-05-2006 , 04:39 PM
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you gotta download the latest drivers for you graphics card...this problem is more common with the geforce cards check that up, i'm 90% sure thats the problem!

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