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even distribution of particles

Is there a way to evenly distribute partcles onto a nurbs surface using goal U and goal V. I want to creat an emitter that shoots out 100 particles and arranges them as the particle grid tool would. Right now all I know is goalU= rand (0,1), goalV= rand (0,1), but obviously that will arrange them randomly. What function would I use to space them out evenly? Reason I don't just use particle grid is I need these particles to be able to be influenced by fields while still holding an attraction to the UV coordinates.



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Don't use an expression.

1) Make a plane object with the UV grids exactly where you want your particles.

2) Select your plane and execute the "emit from object" feature.

3) set your emitter to be directional and set the rate to something low like 1.

4) Make sure to set the direction attribute to be whatever direction is right for your lane object and set the spread to 0.

You should have a nice grid of particles now.

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