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Cloud Particles doesn't work?

Hey guys,

I was trying to learn Dynamics, and doing Maya Getting Started lesson on Dynamics, in which creating a fountain particles with color. After completing lesson 1, I want to experiment with it. I tried to change Render Attributes -> Particle Render Type from Streak to Cloud, and it got like this in perspective view:

user added image

But when I tried to render it, whether by mental ray or software, it became like this:

user added image

- The sequence (120 frames) rendered weirdly. It's like twice particles, the first sequence particles died like with lifespan of 1, then begin again curving like that.
- The particles move like the streak particles (like in the lesson). But if that's so, why in the perspective view they move upward like that?
- The colors are missing. If the color ramp cannot be translated to cloud particles, then how can I change the color from blue like that?

PS: I know that maya hardware cannot render the cloud (and blobby sruface and tube), but why is that? I tried to google the reason and cannot find satisfactory answer.

Edit: forgot to tell, I didn't change anything, except changing particle render type to cloud. Everything else are the same. Oh and the first image was happening when I select the particle1 (in the outliner). But when I select volumeAxisField2 (the torus object), it became like this:

user added image

Amusing, but also confuse me as hell. Why is that? No attribute was changed, just select different object and the particles behave differently? Is there any knowledge that I miss?


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When you select cloud this then uses the cloudparticeShader thats the defauld one in your hypershade, you need to assign a new partical shader and not use the default (right click on the particals then go down to assign new meterial "partical cloud".........dave

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