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Looking for download trial version of Maya 8


I recently had to make a choice between Maya and 3ds Max 9. I downloaded the trial of 3ds from the autodesk website only because I couldn't find Maya 8 download. I'm new to 3d and found the interface of 3ds very friendly and wanted to know if maya is similar? I also want to know what's the quickest way to get up to speed using Maya? I ask this because I will probably be purchasing sometime this next month. So my question is: Where can I find a trial version of the lastest Maya software?


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Thanks. I actually saw this last night, but didn't download, because it wasn't V8. However, if it will help me better understand Maya I will try it.


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I doubt you'd notice enough of a difference between V7 and V8 to influence your choice between max and maya.

As for being learner friendly most people will tell you that max is easier to learn even if i disagree, but then i never could get used to the workflow in max after using maya for so long.

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i too have been using maya for about 6 months.

Just bought 3DSMAX and i think i made a mistake.

Perhaps its easy to learn, but for me, gettin used to new 3d software is difficult, tedious and time consuming, depends what part of the industry (if any) you want to work in.

But ive only just got over the (noobs) hurdle in maya, i dont want to waste my hard effort of learning it, into another 3D programme (no offence Max lol) and go back to square 1 in maya reading from a basics book again.

However, if ur a speedy quick learner....good for u

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MAYA RULEZZ!!! Started out with 3DSMax but never got anything cool out of it. Got nothing but those amature looking renderings. I tried maya once. And in a day I got this beautiful rendering of some simple test model. I never wanted to get back to Max again. But than .... Max does work way better with AutoCAD stuff .. so for my freelance architectural projects I still use Max.

The biggest difference I've noticed is the texture interface. 3DSMax has this click-thru interface (u see only where u are in the texture-hierarchy) while Maya has this hierarchy structure overview to see the big picture.
Remember that good texturing, to me, is the most important to atcheve a successful rendering.

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