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Maya 2009 Student bundle

Hello everyone!

I´ve got a question about the new maya 2009 version:
I was planning to buy the new version but when I had a look at the online-store I was only able to buy the
" Maya Unlimited 2009 Student SuperPack (14-month term) -version"
wich means that you sell 194$ for a student version that only runs for 14 months. So I searched in google for a perpetual version of the student bundle (my Maya 7.01 version is such a perpetual stundent version) but I´ve detected nothing exept of one page
where it seems to be possible to buy to perpetual version.
But thats suspect to me! All over the internet it´s only possible to buy the 14-month term and just one site offers the perpetual version.
At a german website it says that you have to buy the 14-month term version for 166€ then pay again 1071€ to get (or "upgrade" to) a perpetual version

And here is my question: Will there be a perpetual version of Maya 2009 for students?

long text, small question....

thanks in advance for all responses!

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