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Error, memory is low


I am building a simple house in maya (version 8), no animation or complex effects. My machine is an athlon on 4.6 Gb, 2 Gb RAM, and a professional video AGP editing card with a graphic card incorporated. The C disc has about 30 Gb of free space and still I am unable to get a render when the scene gets just a little too heavy. I used to work on a supstantially slower machine and usually it would take time before rendering is complete, but now maya aborts rendering and displays this message: Error, memory is low, memory exeption thrown.

Please if you have any suggestions, heeelp me out user added image

regards to everyone

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Hmm. Do you have any other apps that use (any of ) the second Gb in your system?

I had a similar problem years back with some of the old PC133 memory. I had two modules from different manufacturers, both with the same capacity and speed. The computer would boot fine, but as soon as I did anything that caused the use of the newly installed chip, BOOM! The thing would crash without fail.. WTH??

I found out earlier this year that it wasn't all that uncommon for pc100 memory to be labelled as pc133, before being sold (obviously) for a higher price. Ahhhh, now it all made sense.

Similarly I couldn't understand why I paid $76 for 512 Mb this time around (Elixir, ddr400), while others were substantially more for the same capacity and rated speed.

I forget the name of the program now, possible CPU-z or something like that. But I downloaded it and ran it to check out the performance of my new pc. BUT THE MEMORY wasn't being reported as 400Mhz, rather as about 266!! I then ran the program on the old pc, and surprise surprise! The problematic chip was in fact a pc100, in spite of the fact it was clearly labelled as being pc133.

Hope it's not your problem, but I'd be tempted to try the system with less memory in it, in an attempt to assure yourself of it's integrity. If you've got 4x512s or 2x1024s, I'd just try the system up to 4 times, each time with a different module in slot 1 - and nothing else in the others.
If it will render like that ok then start trying combinations to narrow down the prob. If they all work singly, but one of the pairs fail, then 1 half of that pair will fail with each of the remaining modules.

It can be a little frustrating, but to do 4 tests should take less than 10 mins. Worth keeping in mind in the event that nothing else fixes it. If it's a problem with mem like this, you should identify the suspect chip in under 1/2 hour.


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Thanks Simon

I ll try and follow your advice. I have 2 1024 modules, mid range price (Samsung chips). But I think it is a software problem. Reading the script once again after I posted the message I found that the one of the problems reported was that maya was unable to open a file i used as bump although the file is on the hard drive where it should be and opens fine in other apps.



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