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# 1 02-02-2007 , 12:30 AM
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shader texture crash

Really weird problem, maya crashes with no error after i click the texture button on a shader. this is exactly what i do:
i make a plane, i make it shaded, then i create either a lambert, phong or blinn (ive tried them all). after that i drop the shader on. then i click the texture box for color and it crashes with no error or anything.
i have maya 8.0, and i have installed the game tools for maya 8 that came from the site the-area

EDIT: fixed it, i pressed 6 before i pressed the texture button and the box opend so now i can place a texture on it. but does anyone know why it suddenly has to do that?

EDIT2: nevermind, not fixed....i put the texture on the default lambert and i wanted to change it and then it crashed when i pressed the button to open the hypershade.

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# 2 02-02-2007 , 12:44 AM
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I think i had a similar problem back in maya 4.5. I believe i just reinstalled maya.

Have you tried installing the program again?

# 3 02-02-2007 , 12:51 AM
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yea, im just about to reinstall it, by the way, this happened right after i opened a maya 7.0 ascii file from the digitaltutors walkcycle video, is that what caused it somehow?

EDIT: dang i just reinstalled it, same problem though. i think im going to try again this time deleting all prefes and anything else i can find that has maya on it....

EDIT: reinstalled it again, still not working, what do i do?!

EDIT:Fixed it...stupid me...i did't update my gfxcard drivers! Its always the drivers....

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