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# 1 03-03-2007 , 11:53 PM
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Problems with Middle mouse button

Hey, this is an odd kind of question, im not sure if anyone will beable to help me, but ill give it a try.

I recently got a Logitech MX Revolution mouse, and its working great with all the extra buttons, but because of the way the middle mouse button works (or doesnt work..) i cant seem to move the camera in all directions. Im not sure of the correct term, but its when you hold alt, and click and hold the middle mouse button/mouse wheel, then an icon with 4 arrows in each direction comes up, then moving the mouse moves the camera in x and y.

I wanted to know if anyone has the same mouse as i do, and how they overcame the problem, or if there is another button i can use instead, and if not, is it possible to make one?

Thanks, Joel

# 2 04-03-2007 , 05:25 AM
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I would have thought it would be possible to re-configure the driver's settings for the mouse through control panel. However, personally I never install the specific driver for a mouse. I simply use the one which Windows picks. Granted, not all of the side buttons work, so I can't go back and forward on web pages, however it does guarantee that all applications will work with it.

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i have a logitec mx1000
i had a similar prob
to solve this i unistalled the drivers for this mouse and now it works with maya

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