Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 2
This course will look in the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. It's aimed at people that have some modeling experience in Maya but are having trouble with complex objects.
# 1 31-05-2004 , 10:30 PM
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middle mouse button

Hey i plugged a new mouse into my system and installed all the software and stuff, and my middle mouse button doesn't work in Maya. Does anyone know if u can change the button assignments in Maya so that may be another button would do that for me. I have a 5-button mouse. I don't think its the mouse, the scroll works and what not. thx.

# 2 31-05-2004 , 10:51 PM
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Have you checked your mouse's custom settings? My mouse came with the middle button bound to windows button insted on 3rd mouse button.

# 3 31-05-2004 , 10:51 PM
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Usually a mouse will come with driver software that allows you to configure the buttons.

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# 4 01-06-2004 , 12:07 AM
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If you are using windows with a scolling wheel mouse, make sure that the function of the wheel button is set to "auto-scroll"

# 5 01-06-2004 , 01:45 AM
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It just started working. Couldn't move around my view while i was doing a tutorial last night, and couldn't drag textures this morning and now its working. I don't know. THx for ur help everyone.

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