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# 1 31-05-2004 , 10:30 PM
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middle mouse button

Hey i plugged a new mouse into my system and installed all the software and stuff, and my middle mouse button doesn't work in Maya. Does anyone know if u can change the button assignments in Maya so that may be another button would do that for me. I have a 5-button mouse. I don't think its the mouse, the scroll works and what not. thx.

# 2 31-05-2004 , 10:51 PM
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Have you checked your mouse's custom settings? My mouse came with the middle button bound to windows button insted on 3rd mouse button.

# 3 31-05-2004 , 10:51 PM
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Usually a mouse will come with driver software that allows you to configure the buttons.

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If you are using windows with a scolling wheel mouse, make sure that the function of the wheel button is set to "auto-scroll"

# 5 01-06-2004 , 01:45 AM
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It just started working. Couldn't move around my view while i was doing a tutorial last night, and couldn't drag textures this morning and now its working. I don't know. THx for ur help everyone.

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