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# 1 08-04-2007 , 03:22 AM
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Problem moving nodes to layers

I've some problem moving nodes to layers.

For any object, I understand that there's the Shape node and the Transformation node.

When I click-select an object on the scene and put it on the layer, I'm effectively putting that Transformation node onto the layer.

The problem comes when some of the Shape nodes are on different layers.

Let's say I have two layers, layer 1 and 2.
I click-select an object, let's say an Apple, and add it to layer 1.

Somehow, somewhere, let's assume that someone added the Apple's Shape node to layer 2.

Now if I were to check the visibility of both layers, I'll be able to turn the visibility of the Apple off. This is not what I want.

Question: Is there a way to click-select an object, add all it's nodes, Transformation and Shape, to a layer?

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This is default behavior for Maya and putting objects into layers.

Select the object, right click on the required layer and choose Add Seleceted Object. Theres no need to go adding the objects shape nodes to different layers, theres no point. Once the objects in the layer then thats it. V or T / R wil put the entire object Visable or Transparent / Reference.

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Here's an example of my problem

I've an object on layer 1.
I click-select the object and move it to layer 2.
However, when I check off the visibility for layer 1, the object disappears! If I check off the visibility for layer 2, the object also disappears, but this is correct.

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to me, it seems that adding the object to layer 1 happens to be a mistake. if that's the case, you should be able to remove the object from layer 1, and then add it to layer 2 afterwards.

if you're trying to add attributes of the object to layer 1 and then other attributes to layer 2, you don't understand how layers work. an object can belong to multiple layers, but that just makes things confusing... unless they're render layers, and not display layers.

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