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New effects tutorials?

When will there be some new effects tutorials. I would like to really see some great tutorials regarding not only fire, but some tutorials that shows new physics and particle effects.

1) How to have character fall down stairs and have it look natural.
2) Weapon effects, such as muzzle flashes, or when you have grenades, how to have the shrapnel effect other models on the screen.

Other tutorials I would like to see involve how to manage exceptionly large on screen amounts of buildings (I.E. a city) and how to interact and setup your workspace to maximize our effectibility.

Thanks for reading.


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So, is the act of your company not responding a statement, that you won't be doing any more effects tutorials. Or that you just ignore people and hope they go away. BTW, I haven't given you my money yet. So I need a response before I bother to part with it.

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Don't get upset, I notice it goes a few days in this forum without someone noticing. I do know that spending your money at simplymaya is not a waste.

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Yes, take a chill pill, relax your too young to be so driven and short tempered.

OK to answer question one:

There is only 1 solution I would use to get a person folling down the stairs correctly and with Natural Motion and that would be to use Endorphin. This is a high end dynamic simulation software that specialises in this type of animation. Endorphine does cost in the region of £5500, but it does provide a free LE version for you to play with. Try it its amazing. Also there are the techniques of Keyframing and also sttempting to use Rigid and Passive Body Dynamics, but this never really ends up that natural.

Question two:

Weapons effects can be added post production (this is the way I would do it), but you can do this within Maya using Fluids, Particles and Emiters.

Lastly don't be so quick to judge the site or its members, they are a fantastic bunch who dedicate a lot of their spare time to the site for free. And nearly every question posted has someone who can answer it. The SM tutes are some of the best around, so get the freebies watch them and learn.

Enjoy your stay at SM...

Chris (formerly R@nSiD)
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