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Maya to After Effects & good results

Looking for some tips regarding Autodesk Maya & After Effects / Element 3D.

I am stuck in a project, I do the modelling and laying out in Maya, I get better rendering results in Maya with textures and materials but the rendering of animations is painfully slow with Mental Ray. I cant really do any of the effects in Maya though

I used to export the scene from Maya to After Effects and do the camera animations and effects but I do notice a difference in the textures, material quality.

Has any got any tips on how to get a middle result, somewhere I can do all of the work and get a good quality result.

Here is an example. I am making a cavern / cave / chasm that will have fog / mist. There are plenty of extras, broken bridge, skull entrances to the caves etc. And there will be monsters, animated who will also be shooting fireballs. I am not a master of animation, modelling etc and have to use the two softwares to get what I want.

This is a screen grab from Maya, which took 10 minutes for a 960 x 540 to render

user added image

And this is a test render I did in After Effects / Element

I can do all the effects in After Effects but better render results in Maya

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I'm not seeing the typical expensive effects like indirect lighting, soft shadows, fluids etc so this frame shouldn't be 10 minutes on a decent PC. What are your machine specs? Are you using Maya 2016? I remember borderline ripping my hair out (and finding another renderer) because mental ray's performance tanked horribly in Maya 2016. You could probably optimize the scene a bit as well. If you feel comfortable sharing the scene, you can upload it to a file sharing site and pm me the link and I'll take a look.

- Genny
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