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# 1 29-06-2007 , 12:58 AM
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Maya keeps crashing when i load some files

Whenever i load big files, Maya keeps on crashing

i think its' because i have two different drivers installed

the intel duo and
HASP aladdin driver

anyone know how to uninstall HASP aladdin Driver?

# 2 11-07-2007 , 07:11 PM
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go to the device manager and find the menu which has the component you want to get rid of and uninstall it.

usually this happens when working on PC because there r always problems like conflicting drivers etc.

but honestly.. I rather use a PC regardless.. because of cost..

might also be the actual file (hope you not running from a external hdd or thumb drive lol!~) one way to test is just go into maya make a new file and make a really large huge cuby thign and scuplt it into something crazy then smooth it..

then try viewing that.. if its still slow.. then u got a problem with ure driver definetely

touchus my weenus?
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