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Viewport renders black with auto render clip plane enabled


I am using Maya 7.0 and have tried this across several computers including a Mac.

Basically, when I render out the scene with "auto render clip plane" checked in the camera attributes, the scene renders out black, but if you select the alpha channel on the render view, it appears normal. The strange thing is, is that it only does this in certain parts of the animation, but I cannot see any pattern with it. (all works ok with the option turned off, but I need it to render with it on).

I have tried:
removing all textures from the scene, and applying a basic lambert to everything.
Importing all the geometry into a new scene
Creating different cameras
CHecking the lighting (was a long shot, but no change)
and a couple of other things, which I cant remember.

Can anyone help, as I'm pulling my hair out here.

Many thanks


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Have you tried adjusting the near/far clipping planes in the camera attributes?

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