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Mental Ray problem

Hello at all!

In my scene I made a chair on wich a letter lays with an animated Text. Surrounding I made a sphere for the Environment. For the Text animation I rendered with Maya software the letter Texture for 100 frames.
This 100 frames I used in my scene as an image sequence for my Letter material.
When I render the scene with maya software, the Text animation is visible. But when I render with Mental ray, the Letter is black and the render Diagnostic tells me that the node file(texture) is missing.
But it is still there.
whats going wrong?
I tried to change the frame setting from my letter animation NAME.tga.001 to NAME.001.tga, but the problem is still there.
I deleted the shader and made a new...nothing shanged!
Please help me in this case, I really tried everything to fix it out myself. The Timeline setting is OK. Start and end from the texture image sequence are at the right place in the scene timeline.
a poly plane with a lambert shader
for the material I used a texture, image sequence turned on.
maya software test rendering runs Ok!
Mental Ray can´t render the Image sequence!
The letter is black

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use a tif file instead


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Now I have the problem that mental Ray aborts the rendering.
When my image sequence begins with Name.000 Mental Ray don´t give me a failure mesage. But when I batch render Mental Ray aborts the Rendering process.
When my image sequence starts with Name.001 Mental Ray say that the image Name.000 is missing.
But MentalRay is rendering. (But the image is black)
Sorry for my english I just got up.

Name.000- No mistake message, but the rendering process gets aborted

Name.001- one Mistake message, but the image is rendered.
But the letter in my scene is black.

I tried with .tiff files but I think it has no effect.

Why Mental Ray makes my Life so hard???:headbang:

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