Introduction to Maya - Rendering in Arnold
This course will look at the fundamentals of rendering in Arnold. We'll go through the different light types available, cameras, shaders, Arnold's render settings and finally how to split an image into render passes (AOV's), before we then reassemble it i
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3D in PS CS3, ramifications?

Not sure if you are interested, but the 3d capabilities of CS3 PS I have found are as follows;
3D objects can be imported straight into PS CS3 but rules and limitations are to be considered.

Formats are;
.3D max (you will be happy to know)
And the 3D format for adobe’s acrobat.

default shaders can not be used

textures must be applied before import for edit in PS.
3D files can not be sourced from within CS3 and all textures must be in the same folder as the .OBJ file or whatever 3D file is used. It can not source the files from the computer as After Effects can (eg).

When 3D is imported into PS.., AND ONCE SAVED.., it will be given the extension .psd.., the extension for a smart object, meaning it will create a file that it sources from the original. So CAR.OBJ will become CAR.OBJ.psd. There is an option to work straight to the original file though. Original/master file untouched until right click on the texture layer and ‘replace texture,’ this will change the master file.

What this means is if you edit a texture in PS CS3.., it will not affect the actual file.., it creates a ‘proxy’ that it communicates with and edits, unless you check the option.

Once imported you must create a 3D layer.., double click that layer in the layer palette, then you will have access to the ‘object’ tool. It will show in the tool bar.., tools such as rotate, ect. This tool enables you to transform the object; position, and scale the 3D object. Double clicking on the layer the texture is on will reveal the texture file.

Specular highlight is preserved on import but can be checked off.., PS will generate the light source and as the object is rotated the light source will remain true to the object, that it the light does not move.., the highlight remains true as the object rotates.

Problems with textures in CS3 PS (considerations)
Procedural maps do not always show.., rather an image should be used. Generated textures (eg, noise) may not be recognised.
Unrenderable objects may also be imported, locators, hidden files, ect.., and can create ugly geometry.
Keep everything simple, eg, parent instead of binding, ect. Beware of CPU. (take it slowly or the program WILL crash).

For these reasons (and others I would guess) it is important for, because of the limitations of CS3, that a new folder with ALL assets be created to work from.

This is what I have discovered so far. I can demonstrate these to you if you need

Video is in PS another thing altogether and even more exciting,
Such as

Editing video
Compositing with blend modes
The list goes on and is amazing and very exciting.


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maybe no-one has CS3 PS extended yet.., but when you do.., and you look under the bonnett.., you will find another quantum leap in graphics app.

what it means for 3D and Maya.., i have no idea, thats why I asked if anyone had any thoughts on this quantum leap.

we have the ability to composite and render sequance images within PS CS3., it has near the power of After Effects

the first (the above message) is one i sent to my lecturer and pasteed here instead of re-writtting

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Hi Mirek

Your description confused me a bit as Ive never used it and it seemed like you went straight in there with how to do it, not what I does?? In a nutshell it allows you to paint textures on your 3d object although it seems confusing on how it does this from what youve said.

I dont know if it would work but if you could create a layerd PSD node and then export that out with the object paint it then import that would be pretty cool, but what confuses me it "textures must be applied before edit in PS" seems a bit mad, why not just create a blank canvas using the UV map then use this as the texture?? I'm assuning that you have to uv map before importing into PS with the obj file, theres no funkey work round like in Zbrush with its AUV tiles?

hmmm its a bit hard to say what ramifications it will give as this kind of stuffs been about for a bit in the guise of bodypaint and Zbrush (among others i'm sure). It probably would be a good thing for someone using a maya/PS only pipeline but if you get Zbrush/bodypaint it probably becomes redundant in its 3d painting functionality.

The other features look pretty good, very After effects like, which if you only use a small percentage of AE then it saves learning another programme.

I wouldnt say its a quantum leap in regards to 3d or Maya as the technologys been there for a while, I use Zbrush to paint textures all the time, it is a massive leap for Photoshop, but then again I cant be sure without trying it out!

As I say if your going to streamline your softwares then just the Maya/PS combination looks really good, should have pretty much the tools you need to get any job done.

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i came to a similar thought as time went on. there are other apps that one can texture from.

I think you can create an empty map and edit it. the map can not be created inside pS. dont know about Z Brush, I have them and some tuts but no time to learn

as you say, its cool to work straight into PS from maya for rendering and the like. one can convert frames to layers, meaning that a filter can be applied in a broad stroke, liquiefy and such.

cloning a video is cool, rotoscoping and onion skinning is poss too.

ramifications?? dont know, but its a quantum leap for PS and the whole integration of the CS3 system is quiet amazing.

Muser added image

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