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# 1 03-10-2007 , 02:55 PM
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texture problems

ok, i applied this texture to this box to display the problem I'm having. I'm running maya 8.0 in windows on OSX with parallels. If you didn't catch that im running OSX with parallels running windows and windows is running maya. Regardless the maya is running on windows. my texture isn't showing up in my orthographic views, only in my perspective view. AND yes hardware texturing is on in the other view ports, as you can see from the screen shot(hitting 6 turns this on by the way).

also i cant see the navigator thats usualy in the top right corner of the perspective view that allows you to rotate and such.


# 2 03-10-2007 , 10:45 PM
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Try putting your cursor over your top view and press the number 6 key.

As far as the compass just follow the pic I attached and select compass.

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# 3 04-10-2007 , 03:29 AM
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Ive seen this issue simply to be a refresh error, try fiddling around with the hardware texturing properties on the matterial, (flipping around the resolution settings etc) to see if that will jerk maya into updating the displays.

# 4 04-10-2007 , 05:18 PM
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i dont know about the texture but as for the navigator, try holding space bar moving the cursor up to perspective view. or going to panels > orth > persp.

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# 5 06-10-2007 , 09:04 PM
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thanks for the help, with the compass. As for hardware texturing i have come to the conclusion that the graphics card must not support it. I cant even change the resolution for the hardware texturing.

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