Introduction to Maya - Rendering in Arnold
This course will look at the fundamentals of rendering in Arnold. We'll go through the different light types available, cameras, shaders, Arnold's render settings and finally how to split an image into render passes (AOV's), before we then reassemble it i
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!!Texture View Problems!!

When I have a model that has a file texture on it and I press 6, it comes up fine, but then when I rotate or move the camera, it goes crazy. The model disappears and it turns into what looks like a huge thing of spikes coming from where the model used to be. They take up the whole screen and when i continue to move they just get worse.

If I press 5 or 4 this usually helps, but if i try to render out an image after that, the render thing comes up and the usual blue part is replaced by a mass of multicolored blocks.

The only way for me to fix this is saving my work, exiting maya, and restarting it. Then I can open up the file and render it really quick. This prevents me from doing batch renders so my short is ruined now.

This started happening when I updated to Maya 2008 from Maya 8.5. Or it might have been when I got a new graphics card, I am not sure though because I didn't use maya between the time of my new graphics card and getting 2008.

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It sounds like a graphics card issue to me , what card are you using and also what driver ?

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