Beer glass scene creation
This course contains a little bit of everything with modeling, UVing, texturing and dynamics in Maya, as well as compositing multilayered EXR's in Photoshop.
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Texture placement

Okay, I've looked around, and please forgive me if this was answered before, but it doesn't solve my issue.

I have applied texture on the walls, but the top of the walls look funny, as you can see below.

I have tried selecting the faces, and apply texture by using a different Texture map. Instead, it turns out gray.

I'm just a little confused about how am I supposed to fix this issue. The top of the castle wall is extruded from the main wall, and I don't know if it makes any difference? Should I separate the vertices, then apply the texture?

On the same note, I am able to apply texture the roof of the towers by selecting the faces, but the top of the towers is making the texture warp.

I'm wondering if I need to use the texture editor? At the same time, how am I supposed to do the texture editor just for those "cubes" on top of the wall.

Thanks for the help, and sorry with the questions. I have looked on some web tutorials, and one has a lot of talking, which I cannot hear since I'm deaf. :-D

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You'd need to UV map it. Right now, those faces don't have texture coordinates.

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Yeah what MtMckinley said, those boxes need to be uv'ed for proper texturing.

Try doing a simple Planar Uv and then look under your panel and look for the uv editor. There you can see your brand new uv lined up all weird, make it fit that box that probably has a brick wall behind it, scale it until it looks good. There are some other details you can do to further the result so check out some text tutorials.

If you have problems finding them try googling or searching at sites like Higend3d

I hope it helped a little. I remember starting with UV mapping and I hated it alot. user added image

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As has been said, you need to do some UV mapping. In addition, if you a re using the same texture over all those objects, you way want to look up using a "switch" on the 2D placement node's repeat values. this will allow you to tweak the repetitions on each object or even each face of an object, though texturing is not my strength, so you'll need to look it up to get the proper workflow

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