Substance Painter
In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
# 46 02-01-2008 , 02:12 PM
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Looking pretty damn sweet!

I like the pose.... The modeling is good overall, but the feet seem kinda weird! Maybe they're too small?

Also the thickness of the Chest through to the back, seems off, as well as the general shape of the back.

The head looks good, for a Anime-ish style character.

oh, and she needs eye balls.

The scene itself looks really good. I like the city scape in the background.

Nice work!

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# 47 14-01-2008 , 01:42 AM
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nice composition but you should dim the city lights (IMO) because its taking the viewers eyes away from the subject.., the lights are blinding (and bring up the shadow and light on her)

the back looks a little hunched and the buttocks are out of proportion.., if we saw her standing straight on id imagine the back side to be jutting from the centre rather than further down and .., well.., ill leave it at that some areas some should just not mention user added image

just my opinion.., looks like you have done a lot of work. very well done too.

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# 48 14-01-2008 , 12:05 PM
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your composition works really well all the textures and colours mix in really well to create a great looking piece keep up the good work

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