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# 1 06-08-2008 , 08:41 PM
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animation keyframe problem


when I press "S" for keyframing, my transform attributes turn red.

I still can keyframe using the mouse and the manipulator and the "S" hotkey. Because I move the mouse (to rotate, scale, move) this keyframing cannot be with exact values (my rotation will be 90.5678 instead of 90 for example)

But I cannot keyframe by typing EXACT values with the keyboard in the transform attributes window.

please help me,



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# 2 06-08-2008 , 11:22 PM
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editing the values should work if auto key is on.

You can also select the attributes you want to key in the channel box right click and hit set key.

Check the options on your set key tool in your animation menu set under animate> set key [options].

# 3 06-08-2008 , 11:54 PM
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keyframing works if I use the manipulation tools like rotating scaling moving using the mouse . With autokey, it works, with right mouse click and set key, it works.

but it doesn't works when I enter a value in channel box with keyboard, because it's red, I can not select it. I cannot enter a value with keyboard Why is it red?

I tried playing with all the options in animate -> set key (options)

thanks for your help already! I appreciate it!


# 4 07-08-2008 , 01:22 AM
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it should work fine, a red channel just means its keyed on some keyframe. You should just be able to click in the box at another frame, enter a value, and right click on it and select "key selected" as the previous poster mentioned.


# 5 07-08-2008 , 06:57 AM
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are you editing the value of a frame that doesnt have a keyframe, i dont think it would matter though

gubar is right so i dont know why it wouldnt be working for you....

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