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Problem with Transform in Attribute Editor

Hi. Using Maya 8.5, Precision 690, 2G RAM, OS: Windows XP Pro

OK, I have a model which I made long ago, when I knew far less about good modeling (like I do now...). Now going back to fix. I am working on half the poly.

It was positioned askew to the world world transform alignments. I had positioned this poly as part of some renedering I was doing, but I froze transformations and so on.

So, after carefully rotating the poly to get it more or less back to aligning with the XYZ plane axis' and freezing transformations, I have it back where I can fix it. I would then duplicate a mirror (Scale -1), and merge the two to complete the job -- or so I thought.

Here's the problem: Using hotkeys to translate or rotate is fine -- the manipulator set to World relative mode aligns with my XYZ panel axis'.

However, the scale tool is still off, as though it "remembers" and is frozen with the position of this model before I began repositioning. Not aligned with the XY and Z axis so if I duplicate and scale my model -1, it is out of position, at a crooked angle to the original.

Freezing transformations doesn't help.

Also, if I use any of the transform settings in the attribute editor --trying to scale or rotate, etc -- by highlighting the particular transform (translate Y for example) -- all the transform manipulators are askew like the scale.

I can't set the scale manipulator to world relative mode and I can't set any of the attribute editors to it either.

I have deleted history, removed old nodes from the Hyupergraph, etc to try to solve this problem.

I hope I'm explaining this alright. I don't have enough knowledge to know why this is happening.

Anyone know how to fix?

Thanks, Tristan

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