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Instance (Duplicate Special) issue


(Using Maya 2008)

I know this question has been answered before, but trying the sugestions, has not solved my problem yet, so I'll try to explain my view of the situation:

- I start by creating a Polygon cube with 2 Subdivisions in width, height and depht.
- In the frontview I delete the left side of the cube. (picture 1)
- In the Duplicate Special menu I duplicate the right side of the cube as an instance. (picture 2)
- I select the top 2 vertex points. (picture 3)
- And use the Scale Tool to scale down the top end of the cube. (picture 4)

Now the question is... I would like the cube to look like the one in picture 5, and I can do that by using the Move Tool twice, so is the instance behaving wrong or is this behaviour right? Is it an on/off button that I'm missing, something like Keep Faces Together?

Thank You

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This is happening because the scale tools center is placed between the 4 verts you have selected. It automatically averages the verts locations, and places the tool (move/rotate/scale) at the center.

To achieve what your after simply select the verts. Then hit the 'insert' key on your keyboard. Then hold down the 'x' and drag the manipulator to the center, and it will snap to the center line (grid). Now hit 'insert' again and carry on with the scale operation.

Though this is more steps than just scaling as normal and then moving the verts inward.

But to answer your question, Yes this is usual behavior.

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Thank you for your reply


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