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Duplicate Special issue

Hi Guys,

Im new to this and am learning Maya however I have an issue with geometry after I use the 'Duplicate Special' command.

For example I create a cube with 2 subdivisions and delete half and then duplicate special which is all fine. The problem comes when I select two faces with the edge loop in the middle of them. When I extrude these faces it creates a new face in the middle of the object where the seam is, when I smooth the mesh it seperates the geometry from the start of the extruded piece to the end.

Please see the two pictures.

Also even after combining the objects and merging the verts this issue still happens.

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Normally I'd ask if you have Keep Faces Together checked in the Edit Mesh menu, but it sounds like this isn't that problem.

If I'm understanding correctly, it sounds like you have extruded the end of the cubes. When you extrude a single face like that (single meaning, it's not merged to another face that you are extruding) it will extrude it out and create new faces on all sides. I believe you'll simply have to manually delete that face if you don't want it.

Another option would be to actually delete the face you are extruding and extrude the edges instead. Then cap the end.

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Many thanks for your reply, at least I know now, just wanted to make sure it wasn't an issue with maya.

Keep faces together is checked, this is why I was confused that this was happening, however I guess when you duplicate special, it still treats each half as a separate object until you combine and then merge the vertices.

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see what happens if you add a few loops around your geometry and smooth it after that, also go to mesh-smooth to see more what happens to your mesh. explore, i think you'll understand how smoothing meshes works if you experiment with it user added image

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