Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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transfer maps problems

Hey guys and girls,
Althou I think my topic has to do more with rendering, I am taking a guess that this area of the forums would be best considering most of the people post here as oppose to the rendering forum.

Here is my problem. I am modeling a 2008 Mustang GT, which includes a low-poly and a hi-poly model. The low poly version does not include the intakes on the side doors and the beveled seams in which shows that the car is molded with seperate peices, such as the hood, doors and trunk etc. Then, with the hi-poly version, as you might expected, includes the above things.
Now, after watching the transfer maps video, by Michael McKinley, I thought I got the basic understandings on how to bake down a hi-poly model onto a low-poly model. However, my results with the mustang have came out like crap. I tried playing with the settings, such as the following

1. changing the "Transfer In" from World Space and then trying Object Space

2. changing the "Sampling quality", low, medium, and then high

3. I even tried playing with the Search Method and Max search depth %

... but no matter what I would do, there was very little difference in change.

here is an example of the results

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Can we see your low poly mesh ?
Your high poly model ?
Your UVs ?
I tried to make some normal maps with Transfer but never worked out. Also try to make normal maps with Zmapper from Zbrush again don't bake good normal.
So i go into Xnormal and yeah Xnormal is f***ing great.
Everything works perfect try it ...

Good luck

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Can we see your low poly mesh ?
Your high poly model ?
Your UVs ?

Well unfortuneately, my keybord is missing the print screen key, so I cannot do a screen grab of my low and high poly meshes. One thing I can post here is my UV snapshot. BTW, thanks for the tip about trying out Xnormal. I will certainly take a look into it.

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