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Deleting materials on a object

Ok, here we go again. Another dumb novice question that I just can not find anything about in the Maya-manual(BTW is it just me or is the search in Maya help more or less useless for you guys too?).

I tested out some different shaders/materials on a polygon object and realised that all of them seems to be attached to the objecti n the attribute editor. So I wonder.

1. Are all the materials that show up in attribute editor for my obejct attached and in used under the top most material? Or are the just history that does not matter?

2. Is there a way to delete just the old materials and leave the last material?

To make things clearer I have a screenshot that shows the material assigned to the object Jekr-Deck. The only one that I want to keep is the Mia_Steel_Flooring.

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if u don't want other materials, just del the other shaders by goin in hypershade ("windows>rendering editors> " just in case u didn't know)

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In the hypershade I believe there is an option (maybe edit >) delete unused nodes. That should get rid of materials that aren't needed.

EDIT: I too often find it very difficult to search the maya help files and get a useful answer.

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