Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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interior animation

Hi there. My power has doubled since the last time. No, is a joke, is several times bigger.

I have gathered many of the models I have made in the last months to compose an interior. Is not yet finished but I couldnt resist to make a short animation.

The picture in the computer monitor is a screenshot of a command and conquer map called scrin homeworld I made almost 3 years ago. The ones on the wall are terragen landscapes but almost cant be seen. The rest are polygonal models some better finished than others and exept the wood textures all the others are procedural playing with the mia material x presets.

Interior animation

And another link to a spaceship flight. I made the sound myself with the computer version of the Sawer synthesizer.

Spaceship flight

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Hi taquion
First one was nice if I had to crit would be the chairs look to plastic, spaceship was nicely modeled but the animation could have done with more movement and some exaust comming out of the engine..........other then that well done ..........dave

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Thank you.
I agree with both critics.I am planning to do something longer with the spaceship but first i have to finish the rear part of the model that doesnt look nice by now and thats why cant be seen in the animation.
Im learning to use cubase AI to put some sound effects also.

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Well done, very nice interior modelling and lighting.

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Nice.... that bear is creepy! Is it even a bear? Looks a bit like a bear mixed with an elephant mixed with a pig... plane old creepy if you ask me.. user added image

Anyway, nice work, rendering is really nice.

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You forgot a dog in the mix, I think. Thakns for your coment anyway.
Dont know exactly the meaning of creepy here. I have always seen propulsion engines in a spaceship that suposedly is made to travel light years as something foolish but is the easiest way to make it look like a ship. Think of battlestar or firefly. They even make noise in the empty space.

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I like the lighting on the interior animation, though I think you got hit by the gamma bandit on the colors and textures [they look washed out] You should look up "Linear Lighting workflow".

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I never touch the gamma since i read that it can make the picture look diferent in diferent monitors. The light cames from only one window and it is an area light with a portal light attached in the mental ray tab.
The washing may be due to the settings of the mia exposure simple attached to the camera, and perhaps the final gathering scale is too high.
The 2 renders of the room in my portfolio have a better lighting i think.

Anyway Ill take a look at this thing of linear lighting that by now i have no idea of what it is.

Thank you for your coment.

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