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animated particle mixer

Hi to you all,

I´m to animate some kind of mixer. But now it seems I´m stuck up.

I´ve got a scene with the mixer (image) and 2 emitters emitting through the gaps on top of the mesh. The particles are particle-spheres bound to a gravity and an intercollision field. They are colliding with all of the geometry in the scene. I want the particles to be mixed and I want them to leave the mixer as orange particles. I´ve thought about a ramp coloring the spheres from red (yellow) at the beginnig to orange at the end of the mixer. But I can´t figure out how to apply a ramp to the particles not over their livespan but over the distance. Second problem is that the particles of emitter 1 only collide with particles of the same one, but not with the ones from emitter 2. Maybe, if the ramp-thing works, I can set up only one emitter emitting through both gaps. 3rd problem: the particles won´t fill up the mixer. I´ve tried to use instanced nurbs spheres(active rigid bodies) as particles but that didn´t work. Last question: The particles collide with the mesh and rest on it´s ground but half of the spheres won´t stay inside the mixer.

user added image

user added image

Thanks for any help,


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