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Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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Rig controls don't follow point contraints after binding skin

Can somebody look at the following images and tell me based off of the hierarchy and constraints why the indicated controls don't follow the joint chain and parent objects once I bind the skin to the skeleton. As you will see in the first image, the two controls (L_KNEE and L_LEG_POLE_VECTOR) move along with the leg just fine when I move the L_LEG_IK control when the skin is not bound. As soon as I bind the skin and move the L_LEG_IK control, the other controls mentioned no longer follow.


Before Bind
user added image

After Bind
user added image

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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The pictures don't seem to be showing up.

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hmm, not sure why you can't see them. I've attached them to this reply.

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I f i understood your problem correctly you may have apply a point constraint on the fk control curves(circles in the picture)

i.e select the joint first say knee joint and then shift select the control fk circle for knee and apply a point constraint.

with this if you move your Ik handle the fk controls will follow.


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Thanks maheshsubbiah. I actually did do a point contstraint by selecting the knee joint and then the control before I bound it to the skin, which is why it follows in the first picture. I then made the L_KNEE control a parent to the L_LEG_POLE_VECTOR control so it would always follow. Everything seemed to work as it should before I did a bind skin. After that, it no longer follows. If I detach the skin, then it follows and performs the way it should again.

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