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Maya 2011 to Mudbox 2011

Im using windows 7 with Maya 2011 and Mudbox 2011. I modeled a poly head and Im trying to export it into Mudbox. When I go to file>export selected to mudbox I get an error that says Error: Found no items to list the history for.

When I go to window>settings/pref>preferences>applications I see the export to Mudbox 2 settings.
I have foler set to:
Application path:
C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Mudbox2011/mudbox.exe
Export folder:

Is anyone familiar with setting up maya and mudbox to export into one another?

Mudbox closes my current scene after I try the export but nothing new opens with the new scene.

Now if I create an object in Mudbox and export to Maya it will show up into Maya and than let me export selected to Mudbox but I cant seem to do that for a file that I started in Maya.

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