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# 1 13-02-2011 , 05:53 AM
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SSS & Normal Map woes.

I'm not getting any normal bump mapping on my misss_fast_skin material using MentalRay.
I'm using May2008.

I initially set up the displacement map, normal map and lighting
using a blinn material with MentalRay and Final Gather.
Everything works fine.

I then assigned a sss mat to the mesh, connected the displacement map to the SSS and that's working fine.

When I tried to connect the normalmap's bump2D to the Bump Shader slot in the
sss material attributes, I noticed the rollout did not roll out.
In otherwords there is nothing in it.
I also get this error in the messages display...
// Error: Cannot find procedure "AEmisssSimpleMayaBumpReplace".

I had to use the connection editor to connect the bump2d to the sss material.

I can't get the normal bump to show up yet though.
I've googled for a couple of days and tried everything I could think of
but I'm still fairly new to maya.

Any thoughts or ideas?
Anyone else been able to do this with maya2008?

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# 2 14-02-2011 , 08:23 AM
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Fixed it.

There were 2 typos in the file AEmisss_fast_skin_mayaTemplate.mel
The word 'Simple' had to be replaced with the word 'Skin'.

This section in the text editable file

// bump
editorTemplate -beginLayout (uiRes("m_AEmisss_fast_skin_mayaTemplate.kBumpShad er")) -collapse 1;
editorTemplate -callCustom "AEmisssSimpleMayaBumpNew" "AEmisssSimpleMayaBumpReplace" "normalCamera";
editorTemplate -endLayout;

should read

// bump
editorTemplate -beginLayout (uiRes("m_AEmisss_fast_skin_mayaTemplate.kBumpShad er")) -collapse 1;
editorTemplate -callCustom "AEmisssSkinMayaBumpNew" "AEmisssSkinMayaBumpReplace" "normalCamera";
editorTemplate -endLayout;

Working fine now.

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